Sell your old car through us

Do you have a car you want to sell? Perhaps you already got a new one, and you want to free up space in your garage; perhaps you want to sell it and add the money to the car you are planning to get. Whatever your reason could be for wanting a new car, we can help you with the sale and ensure that we sell it on time.

We are car brokers, which means we are experts when it comes to the selling of cars. While the idea of selling the car yourself might seem like a great one that will give you the chance to earn the most profit, you should know that it is rarely the best decision, and you are unlikely to make as much as you want from it as you will do when we help you with the sale.

Selling your car by yourself involves a lot of work that you will not notice until you get into the process. Unless you are a salesperson who is used to dealing with people in the trade, you might find yourself with lots of headaches by the time you are finally able to sell the car. You will have to deal with unserious buyers, meet new people who want to inspect the car before buying, bargain with people, advertise, and many more. All these will take your time and resources, which will eat into the profits that made you decide to sell the car in the first place.

When you work with Geoff Grover, the sales experience is totally different. Once you bring your car to us, we first evaluate it to determine its current value, and if anything requires fixing or cleaning in it, we send it over for fixing and cleaning while you bear the cost of that. Once we have determined the car’s actual value, we draft an agreement on how much we should sell it, our commission, and where we should deposit the money after the sale.

When we are in charge of your car sale, you have nothing to worry about. Even better, we make sure we sell it at the best prices, which means you will end up with all the profits than if you sell it yourself. With us, we don’t charge you anything for selling your car beyond the standard commission, and it is our duty to advertise your car, and we deal with the buyers. All you have to do beyond bringing the car to us in good shape is having insurance on the car.

Selling your car is a simple process that will last only a short time. We can help your car in a matter of weeks and most, few months. Our wide network within the industry makes it easy for us to sell off your and find a buyer for your car within a short time.  We have access to those in need of used cars, so we are never in shortage of buyers.